What drives us...
I think that the desire to help others is apart of everyone, the difference is what you do with that part of you. We hope to be able with the help of our in field partners to offer assistance where it is most needed be that food, education, shelter. Dialogue with the community helps us prioritise the assistance and allows us to direct it to where it is most needed.

We do what we do because...
We love the idea of a simple gift bringing empowerment to families. We strongly feel that by allowing people to help themselves you allow them to be strong role models to their children & to others, thus offering brighter futures to those around them. Education is paramount in our plan as it is the only way out of poverty.

About us
Our family is firm in its desire to give back for the wonderful blessings that life has given us. We love to see people prosper & be successful in life. Our hearts are drawn to helping others become empowered with in their community and in their lives.


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